Our professional staff is committed to assist achieving the specific goals set by our clients.
Our main services:

• Liquidation, dissolution, asset distribution
• Due-diligence
• Targeted audit

Liquidation proceedings:

• compliance with and enforcement of the law
• continuous consultations with creditors and if possible, to secure the highest
possible settlement of their claim
• cost-effective and rapid liquidation proceeding
• effective management and optimal sale of the liquidation assets (in case of
reorganization liquidation proceedings only)

Dissolution proceedings:

• in addition to enforcement of the law, conduction of the process according to the
owner’s interests
• continuous contact keeping with creditors
• cost-effective and rapid liquidation proceeding
• during the process of dissolution, accurate and long-term data reporting to social
security and other authorities

In order to fulfil these tasks, our staff participates continuously in trainings, conferences,
lectures as well as applies the latest knowledge and techniques in practice.

In liquidation proceedings our primary goal is accurate and rapid case completion. During
the past 16 years the court or creditors did not take objection to unjustifiable delayed

During the nearly one thousand liquidations, our company received only five objections.
After being investigated our company may not be blamed for those.

In order to fulfil complex social security and accountancy duties, our Company is contracted
to further accountancy companies. Among others, responsibility of the accounting firms is
keeping contact with regional National Tax Authorities to ensure data reporting required by
the tax authorities and fulfilling tasks related to data control.

Our aim is that enterprises who we are bookkeeping for can only concentrate on achieving
their objectives only. We treat Information obtained in the course of our work with
outstanding confidentiality.